“I called for a consult for a home with existing furniture and accessories. Patti walked room by room with my client and me making suggestions as to what to remove, what to place somewhere else and what we might be able to easily add to change the look. She worked with the pieces my client already had, putting them in new places, creating a more cohesive and open look. She also did not tell my clients they need all new furniture or suggest they make expensive changes. As an outside third party, she was able to say some tough stuff to my client that I wanted to say but was worried it might put our client-agent relationship at risk.

Patti provided some fantastic staging/showing tips and outlined exactly what my client needed to do to get her home to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.”

  • ​Hillary Gurley, Realtor

​​GSD worked with Hillary on a home ​that was previously listed with another agent. As the second agent, she had the listing for five months with no offers. After the consult, ​GSD gave ​Hillary's client an easy to follow "to-do" list, ​The seller completed the suggestions and they got an offer at the next showing!

“Patricia was very easy to work with and had great suggestions as how to make the best use of existing furniture and adding necessary accessories. It helped me in some instances get offers on the home on the first day on the market! Patricia works well with the sellers in a subtle way as to how they can enhance their home for sale. I would highly recommend Patricia and her staging company to any friends, business associates and of course personally use her again."

  • Jane Blacker, Realtor

​GSD worked with Jane on one vacant home staging project, four staging consultation projects and two re-design staging projects w​here GSD used the homeowners existing home furnishings.

“Patti took the time to truly get to know me, my likes and dislikes. She knew when to spend a little extra money on special items and when not too. She repurposed many of my own things as well. I could not have done it without her professionalism and care. I loved every step of the process and can’t wait to work with GSD on my next project.”

  • ​Diane Day, Home Owner

​“GSD staged our listing in South Scottsdale absolutely perfectly suited to the home – making it feel inviting when you enter the space. This property sold within 6 days of staging and I attribute GSD for helping us get it under contract so quickly.”

  • ​​Linda Miller, R​ealtor – Russ Lyon Sotheby’s

​​“Patti’s design and staging of this property propelled this newly remodeled home to a sale within 2 weeks of completing the staging”

  • ​Listing Agent: Sarah Cattaneo – A&C Properties

​“The property had been on the market for approximately 3 months without any furnishings – GSD’s staging with such amazing attention to detail and quality furnishings revitalized this listing”

  • ​​Listing Agent: Leslie Jenkins​Russ Lyon Sotheby’s

​“Patti’s staging made a huge impact. The current owner loved the space with her furnishings and design and they have embraced the value of not taking the property to the market empty”

  • ​​​Cheryl Anderson, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s